Below are some recent testimonials we've had from customers:

Susie, My Weekly's gardening expert used our A1 Pond Paint

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Mr Harry W purchased our A1 Pond Paint

Excellent product easy to apply very good coverage. Wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this product to anyone considering a pond refurbishment or a new pond.


Mr Ian R purchased our Epoxy ClearCoat

I have given the patio 2 coats of the Epoxy coating you supplied to me.
I had just enough to do this.
I am very happy… the small stones are now bonded together, and another coat would be too much as I would loose the grip on the patio that the children play on.
Thanks for your help and advice on selecting the right product.

Mr Ross J purchased our Epoxy ClearCoat

Just wanted to say thanks for helping me out with the resin products, it was the perfect quantity and looks great.

Mr Pete F purchased our A1 Pond Paint

I was so pleased with your product and ease of its application, that I would like to share photos of our finished water feature.
Many thanks for your assistance in choosing the right product.  I will recommend you to anyone who I know attempting this type of project.

Mr Noge M purchased our A1 Pond Paint

Just wanted to say thanks to Julian for his advice. Never painted a pond and his help was very much appreciated. Must say the difference before and after is stunning!

Mr Peter S purchased our Poolcoating System 10, SBR, Epoxy Mortar & Epoxy Grout to completely transform his pool

Mr Chris K purchased our A1 Pond Paint

I bought some black A1 pond paint from you a couple of months ago to cover a layer of bare brick around the top of my pond, just above the water line. This was to protect the mortar and allow me add another few inches of water. Now that I have refilled the pond, and added the plants and fish, I thought I would let you know how impressed I am with the pond paint. I have added an extra 4” of water so that the new paint is partially covered. It looks fantastic - a huge improvement on the 6” of bare brick look. I have attached a photo. I like the way you can still see the shape of the bricks just above water level but I feel confident in the seal. The paint also formed a perfect seal around the overflow drain in the side of the pond. I had the work carried out by Carl at Midlands Fibreglassed Ponds as he did the original fibreglassing. Your instructions were very clear and enabled him to prepare the fibreglassed surface and the brickwork thoroughly before applying the paint. The final finish is excellent and I am much happier with the pond. Thanks for your help in providing the paint and giving me advice in its use.


Mr Stan H purchased our Swimming Pool Paint

Hi team,
I’d like to post a review after using your products.  
We received fantastic help and advice from Julian whilst we planned and executed the build of our pool. From the waterproofing, through to the specialist paints, we received sound advice and it was never too much trouble for them. I’ll also say that their calculation of the quantities meant we didn’t spend more than we needed to. Thanks for everything, through each step we took. 

Mr Ken H purchased our Epoxy Coating
I bought a product from your company four years ago called "Waterbased Epoxy Coating - Colour : White" for the purpose of painting the walls of the shower area in my bathroom. The reason I painted the walls was that I find traditional tiles are a real nuisance when you wish to replace them. Much easier just to re-paint the walls with a different colour! It was a slight risk as I had no idea how your product would perform as it wasn't marketed for the purposes I intended. However, I would like to report back that the paint has been extremely successful and looks as good as new after four years of constant use (I enclose a photo). Possibly it may be a new market for your company ?? Anyway, thank you for supplying such an excellent product.

Mr Sheldon B purchased our A1 Pond Paint

For waterproofing any project that will hold animals or fish the best product I have found is A1 Pond Paint from Antel. It is completely safe once dried and that is what makes it worth the money. It is water based but sets like a resin. It's a two part paint so mix small batches at a time because it actually goes a long way. I have built two large grow beds for a large aquaponic system (Pictured below) and a few other bits and I still have about half a tin left.

Mrs Beverley H purchased our Pool Coating System 10

With limited experience of painting and decorating, I was daunted by the task of having to re-paint my pool. I would like to thank Antel's Technical Support (Julian in particular) for his patient and timely responses to my numerous questions and concerns, which helped me achieve a successful outcome.

Mr B Davies purchased our A1 Pond Paint

Just a few lines to say your pond paint is fantastic even on railway sleepers.

Mr John S purchased our Self-Smoothing Floor Screed

I would like to thank Julian and the team at Antel for all their help and guidance enabling a total novice like myself to install the epoxy resin self levelling flooring. The instructions from Julian and recommendations in regards to tools and laying the flooring were invaluable and enabled me to achieve a showroom like finish which i am extremely pleased with. The level of support I received is something that you rarely see these days, be it by phone or email Julian was able to guide me through all my mini challenges and give me the confidence to achieve the results I did with just the help of my wife.

I can’t reinforce enough the guidance I received from Julian in being organised, prepared and follow the instructions fully !!

Thanks again Julian and Antel, great results and wouldn’t hesitate to use you again


Mr Hank T purchased our Swimming Pool Paint
It looks great, feels great. I did everything by the book, 3 weeks of sanding and grinding. I left it for 10 days before filling and I think it was all worth while. Many thanks for all your help.

Mr Terry D purchased our A1 Pond Paint

Just got round to writing this review, having installed a raised, concrete-lined fish pond last summer - some 4 meters long, 2 wide and 1 deep. The 'wisdom' of the cognoscenti was that the best waterproofer was [Brand removed]. No, no and thrice no! [Brand removed] is messy, hard & hazardous to apply, a pig to clean equipment and only available in limited colours (even the 'clear' finishes brown).

I found Antel on the web (and at this point it is worth mentioning that I have absolutely NO CONNECTION with the Company whatsoever) and after a couple of phone calls I was persuaded to try the A1 pond paint in York Stone. What a revelation. It went on easy-peasy with an ordinary sheepskin roller, it covered the [brand removed] in one pass - although I put two coats on, even though this probably wasn't necessary, and I cleaned everything down afterwards with plain old H2o.

Some 15 months later it is still colourfast - and even though algae grows on the sides, a quick brush down with a stiff broom brings the finish up like new. Julian, who claimed the difference between [brand removed] and A1 was like comparing a Reliant with a Roller - but he was right!

Mr David W purchased our A1 Pond Paint

What an excellent product.  Bought pond second hand, filled a few idents and used A1 Pond Paint in green and it's come out looking brand new, very pleased thank you.

Mrs Shirley C purchased our Water-Repel Gel


Just to say I've done the side of the bungalow wall and I'm so delighted. I stood on the ground and used a rad roller and wall roller on an extension pole. From going out protecting the plants and clearing it all away the process took less than 2hrs and saved £230 by applying the paint myself.  I am very pleased it does everything it says.  I am a 62 year old women that's just had a new knee and need the other, so if anyone asks, it is easy to apply, even for pensioners. Well done, I'm really pleased I came across the product.

Mr Paul C purchased our A1 Pond Paint

I would like to say your service is excellent. Your product knowledge is good, also ordering and delivery is spot on!

I am extremely pleased with the paint, particularly the size of the pigment tin being large enough to accept the hardener without having to find a 3rd container, that is very useful.  Application is easy with a brush and the overall result is just what I wanted.

What more can I say.....!

Mr Andy S purchased our Epoxy Self-Smoothing Floor Screed

Three years ago i bought some of your white floor resin for use in my house and it is fantastic, it was easy to apply and looks as good today as when it went down.

Mr Paul D purchased our Epoxy Coating Matt

I have been thoroughly impressed by both your product and your service.......it's nice to deal with a good company.

Ms Coral M purchased our Pool Coating System 10

We just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the help you provided for our pool painting project.  Everyone is always happy to help, available and thorough with their knowledge.

Thank you again.