Epoxy Adhesive Sealer

Epoxy Adhesive Sealer

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Antel Epoxy Sealer is a two part, extremely tough clear, solvent free epoxy resin sealer designed to protect, enhance and seal concrete flooring and other masonry. Designed for use in industrial and domestic use.

Technical Data

Epoxy Adhesive Sealer Technical Datasheet


Antel Epoxy Sealer and Adhesive is a low viscosity, two part Epoxy Resin, formulated to provide a material possessing outstanding adhesive qualities and penetrative powers. For vertical and soffit surfaces a VERTICAL grade is available.


a. Priming surfaces prior to the application of Antel Epoxy Mortar and Antel Patching Mortar.
b. Sealing and filling hairline cracks in concrete floors and structures.
c. Bonding together broken concrete structures.
d. Bonding asbestos cement to itself to wood or to concrete.


500 ml and 1 Litre sizes available.
Both grades are supplied in two packs, Pack ‘A’ and Pack ‘B’ which when mixed make up to 500 ml or 1 litre.


2 - 4m² per 500ml dependent upon porosity etc.




As Epoxy based products can be an irritant to the skin, all users are recommended to use a barrier cream and thoroughly wash with soap and water after use.

Caution - this product is highly flammable, store in a cool place and keep away from naked flames.


7.1 Preparation:
Surfaces must be dry and free from all foreign matter such as dust, grease, and dirt etc. Weak laitance and loose or flaking paint must be removed by wire brushing. Cleaning is imperative and best results can be obtained by using the appropriate Antel cleaner.

7.2 Mixing:
Empty the entire contents of Pack ‘B’ into Pack ‘A’ and mix thoroughly. Mixing should be carried out by a slow speed mechanical stirrer, or by hand using a flat bar paint mixer. Stirring should continue until a complete mix is achieved.

7.3 Application:
For vertical and soffit surfaces use the VERTICAL grade. In all other situations use the STANDARD grade.

As a primer for Antel Epoxy Mortar and Patching Mortar use as follows:-
Apply by brush immediately after mixing, working well into the surface and taking care not to form pools. Do not prime an area larger than can be dealt with in two hours. Should the primer be allowed to harden, a fresh application must be carried out before the appropriate mortar is applied. It may be necessary, when priming extremely porous surfaces, to apply a second coat after the first coat has become touch dry.

As a general adhesive use as follows:-
Apply by brush immediately after mixing. Materials to be bonded should be held firmly until the adhesive has hardened - approximately between 12 - 24 hours, dependent upon the temperature.

7.4 Curing:
Pot life when mixed is 30 minutes to 2 hours. Tough hard in 12 - 24 hours. Full cure is achieved in about 7 days - dependent upon the temperature. These curing times apply to both the standard and vertical grades.

7.5 Cleaning Tools:
Wash tools immediately after use with Antel Cleaning Solvent.

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