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Epoxy Grout/Adhesive

Epoxy Grout/Adhesive

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Antel Epoxy Grout Adhesive is a high quality, user friendly grout adhesive which can be used in grouting ceramic tile, brick and stone. It can be used for bonding ceramic tiles on concrete floors and is suitable for wide joints.

Technical Data

Epoxy Grout Adhesive Technical Data Sheet


Antel Epoxy Grout/Adhesive is a user friendly, water cleanable, 100% solids epoxy grout and adhesive. Used for grouting ceramic tile, brick pavers, and stone. Supplied in pre-packaged kits containing resin and hardener dispersed in mineral fillers that produce a dense, uniform seal. Typical applications for Antel Epoxy Grout/Adhesive require resistance to thermal shock, chemicals, water and heavy traffic.


Low Odor for use in Occupied Areas
Water Cleanable Epoxy Grout
Low Viscosity-good wetting properties
Versatile--for both Setting and Grouting all Types of Tile
Swimming pools


A two part product available in 6 Kgs. Non-returnable containers.


As an adhesive – 2.5m² per 6kg
As a grout – 4m² per 6kg


Store in a cool, dry and frost free area in original containers. Protect from freezing. Keep out of the reach of children. A shelf life in excess of 12 months can be expected for unopened containers kept in the above conditions.


Working Life
45 minutes
Initial Cure
6-7 hours @ 75°F
Full Set Time
24 hours
Full Cure & Maximum Resistance
5-7 days

At 20 degrees C and with reasonable ventilation, the coating is touch dry in 24 hours and hard dry in 48 hours. Maximum cure, hardness and chemical resistance is obtained within 7 days.


Clean skin with soap and water. Tools and equipment should be cleaned with xylene or solvent thinners. Consult Material Safety Data for safety and health precautions.


Surface Preparation is the most critical portion of any successful resinous flooring system application. Work must be performed by trained or experienced contractors or maintenance personnel. Before grouting, clean joints and the tile surface with a damp sponge to remove dust, dirt, and other contaminants. Do not leave water standing in joints. Do not clean tiles with acid cleaners. All leaks must be stopped using Antel Water Stop, Antel Epoxy Putty or Antel SBR Bonding Agent as appropriate. Where damp or wet surfaces exist constantly, seek technical advice. For pools that are already painted make good the surface and then sand and clean the existing paint or coating to ensure a sound base.Particularly attention should be made to degreasing surfaces before application.


The performance of the coating can be seriously impaired if the following instructions are not strictly adhered to.
Empty entire contents of the small pack in the big pack. Wtih a slow speed drill, mix until materials are completely blended and no lumps are present. When the mix is complete it is advisable to mix/stir for a further 2-3 minutes to ensure complete dispersion of the 2 components.The material is now ready to apply immediately to the prepared areas.



Apply mixed material onto working area using a grout applicator following standard epoxy and grouting techniques. Be sure all grouted joints are completely filled. Remove excess grout with grout float. Do not leave excess grout on face of tiles. Remove excess along the grout line with a scraper before wiping. Using a damp grout sponge, wipe along grout line to remove final excess. Finally, wipe in circular motion over grout joint to finish. It is very important to wash the grout sponge many times during the entire above procedure. Apply to an area of 2 square metres at a time.


It is recommended that all skin contact is avoided and that any areas of contact are washed immediately with soap and warm water. It is advisable to use a barrier cream and gloves when applying. Always consult the safety data sheet.

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