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Stonetone Plus

Stonetone Plus

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Antel Stonetone Plus Water Repellent is a one part, solvent based multi-purpose acrylic coating membrane. It is designed for ease of application and once dried produces a water resistant surface which helps prevent penetrating damp.

Technical Data


Antel Stonetone Plus is a carefully designed co-polymer acrylic coating. Clear in colour. Available in three concentrations to suit all applications.


Stonetone Plus is used to impregnate friable masonry, to produce when dried, a tough water resistant polymer which lines the sides of the pores within masonry. This results in the integrity of the surface being restored and the damaging penetration of water into the masonry being greatly reduced, whilst the breathing of the masonry is not hindered.
Stonetone Plus will not stain or discolour masonry surfaces and is completely unaffected by U/V light, weather or the presence of acidic gases in the atmosphere.
Stonetone Plus is highly effective but will not prevent water penetration due to holes or faults in the surface. Neither will it work if bad building practice or design are the reasons for water penetration.


5 litre non returnable containers.


The usage rate is dependent on the porosity of the masonry and to a great extent on the surface profile,
Masonry of average porosity is in the range of 25 - 30 m² per 5 litre coat.
Two coats are normally required.


FLAMMABLE LIQUID. Flash point not below 22°C.
Store in cool dry conditions in original containers. Protect from freezing. Keep out of reach of children. The store should be clearly marked.


6.1 Use in well ventilated areas. Produces a heavy inflammable vapour. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear suitable protective clothing. Eye protection is strongly advisable.
6.2 If in contact with the eyes irrigate immediately with copious amounts of fresh clean water. If irritation persists medical advice must be obtained.
6.3 Wash skin well with soap and water after use.


Important - Stonetone Plus is a well proven system for the effective waterproofing of masonry surfaces. The system is designed to function on sound surfaces and therefore the following preparation is to be carefully undertaken.

All surfaces must be clean and free form all forms of contamination. Failure to clean contamination from the masonry will result in the contamination of the treatment and possible degradation of the waterproofing performance. Surfaces must not be wet prior to application but moisture within the masonry will not prevent the penetration of the treatment.

Carefully inspect the surfaces of the masonry, pointing or render. If there are signs of cracking or degraded pointing, repairs must be undertaken prior to the application of the Stonetone Plus.

Repairs and/or repointing can be carried out with a suitable product from the Antel Q-Mix range.


Do not apply in direct sunlight as material properties will be affected.
Apply a coat of Stonetone Plus 5 or 10 to the carefully prepared surface at an approximate coverage rate of 22 - 27m² per 5 litres.

Important: Leave at least 24 hours beteen coats.

Apply a second coat of Stonetone Plus 20 at the rate of 20 - 25m² per 5 litres.
In areas of high porosity it may be necessary to apply a third coat of Stonetone Plus 20 at the same rate as the second coat.

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