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Epoxy Coating (Water Based)

Epoxy Coating (Water Based)

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Antel Epoxy Coating is a universal water based epoxy resin coating designed for easy and safe application. Epoxy Coating possesses most of the properties of conventional epoxy resins with many additional advantages, particularly its tolerance of damp application conditions.

Anti-Slip Flooring
Non-Slip Aggregate can be added between coats to create an anti-slip surface.  Approx 5kg of aggregate is usually required per 30 squared metres and can be purchased here.

Matt Version
A matt version of this product can be purchased here.

Technical Data

Epoxy Paint - Epoxy Coating - Concrete Paint - Perfect for basement tanking.


Antel Epoxy Coating is a universal water based epoxy resin coating designed for easy and safe application. Epoxy Coating possesses most of the properties of conventional epoxy resins with many additional advantages, particularly its tolerance of damp application conditions. It is applied in the same manner as ordinary emulsion paint and dries quickly to form a tough, easily cleaned coating, providing a waterproof barrier. The coating is non toxic, resistant to oil, and most mild chemicals. Subsequent over coating can be carried out after the original surface has been thoroughly degreased and cleaned.


The scope of applications for Epoxy Coating is extensive and t can be used virtually anywhere that concrete, masonry or fibreglass requires protection or waterproofing.
Recommended areas and types of use :-

1. Wall coating in areas of food manufacture and storage.
2. Tank lining for protection against mild chemicals.
3. Waterproofing and decorative finish for all brick, concrete, cement, masonry and asbestos surfaces.
4. As a general weatherproofing and waterproofing coating.
5. For application to damp surfaces where other paints cannot adhere.
6. As a membrane to prevent rising damp in floors.
7. As a sealing coat for asbestos containing materials.
8. Sealing wet rooms.

Typical locations :-

1. Water tanks/sewage treatment plants.
2. Abattoirs.
3. Dairies/milking parlours, food factories, breweries.
4. Grain silos.
5. Basement/damproof membrane.
6. Chemical industry garages.
7. Bunds and water plants.
8. Wet rooms.

For metal we recommend Antel Epoxy Solvent Free Coating.


A two part product available in 1, 2.5 and 5 litres. Non-returnable containers.


Store in a cool, dry and frost free area in original containers. Protect from freezing. Keep out of the reach of children. A shelf life in excess of 12 months can be expected for unopened containers kept in the above conditions.


At 20 degrees C/68 degrees Fahrenheit, and with reasonable ventilation, the coating is touch dry in 6 hours and hard dry in 12 hours. Maximum cure, hardness and chemical resistance is obtained within 7 days.


Every litre of Antel Epoxy Coating will cover approximately 6-7 squared metres (based on a non porous, smooth surface), however this will vary depending on how thickly you apply the material and also how porous the surface is.

If you are unsure on the porosity of the surface, we recommend you buy a little more than you think you will need to ensure you don’t run out part way through the application.


When using spray equipment a thorough rinsing with cold water every hour will prevent a build up of cured material. Brushes and rollers should be washed with cold water and detergent and rinsed thoroughly in cold water.




Do not apply in temperatures below 10 °C/50 °F and ensure there is at least a 4 hour weather window.  We do not recommend application late in the day, due to dropping temperatures and increased humidity.

Epoxy Coating can be applied in mildly damp conditions but will not tolerate standing water.

Although Epoxy Coating will overcoat most other finishes and paints, the best results are achieved when surfaces are clean and free of other finishes/coatings. If applying over an existing coating or to a non-porous surface, mechanically sand the area to create a key.

All surfaces should be dry, mildly damp or at least not subject to running water. Particular attention should be made to degreasing surfaces before application. All voids and surface imperfections must be carefully filled, especially when using Epoxy Coating Clear.

Clean the surface you will be applying the Epoxy Coating to. If there are any leaks, these should be repaired with Antel Waterstop or Antel Epoxy Putty before applying the Epoxy Coating. If unsure, please contact us for technical advice.

Epoxy Coating can be applied to fibreglass but it’s important the surface is mechanically sanded to provide a key.

The pot life is approximately 1.5 hours.  This is based on a temperature of 20 °C/68 °F.  If you are applying the coating in higher temperatures, the pot life may be reduced.  The material will become unworkable once outside of this pot life.

Once mixed, it is only possible to apply a single coat.  Do not attempt to return to the mix to apply a second coat.


For simplicity we would recommend using a separate pack of Epoxy Coating for each coat, however if you would like to use one pack for both coats, you will need to accurately divide the A and B packs proportionately using digital scales.

1. Mix the A Pack thoroughly.

2. Mix the B Pack thoroughly.

3. Pour the contents of the B Pack into the larger A Pack.

4. Mix again thoroughly (ideally with a mixer paddle) for a minimum of three minutes, so that the two components are completely mixed. 

5. Pour into at least one roller tray to maintain pot life.

6. Start application immediately.



1. Apply the first coat by medium pile roller or brush.  Do not apply too thickly, as this may affect the curing process. This is particularly important for Epoxy Coating Clear where thick application may result in a milky appearance.

2. Wait 24 hours before applying the second coat. Reduced time between coats maybe possible, but it’s very important to seek technical advice from Antel before attempting this.

3. Within a maximum period of 48 hours, apply the second coat.

Epoxy Coating is much safer to handle than other resin systems, however, it is recommended that all skin contact is avoided and that any areas of contact are washed immediately with soap and warm water. It is advisable to use a barrier cream and gloves when applying.

Antel Epoxy Coating – Clear
With the formulation of the emulsion the mixture will take on a milky colour. This milkiness will gradually disappear during the curing cycle provided that the coating is not too thickly applied nor allowed to fill holes in the surface area of the application. If either of these situations does occur the milkiness will not disappear. All voids or surface imperfections must be carefully filled prior to any application of Clear Waterbased Epoxy. Antel Waterbased Epoxy is available in a variety of colours. Please enquire for details.


Mr Ken H
I bought a product from your company four years ago called "Waterbased Epoxy Coating - Colour : White" for the purpose of painting the walls of the shower area in my bathroom. The reason I painted the walls was that I find traditional tiles are a real nuisance when you wish to replace them. Much easier just to re-paint the walls with a different colour! It was a slight risk as I had no idea how your product would perform as it wasn't marketed for the purposes I intended. However, I would like to report back that the paint has been extremely successful and looks as good as new after four years of constant use (I enclose a photo). Possibly it may be a new market for your company ?? Anyway, thank you for supplying such an excellent product.

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