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Waterstop is a high quality waterproofing formula used in renderings. The purpose of Antel Waterstop is to make surfaces such as hardened render water resistant and increase the density of the render.

Technical Data

Waterstop Technical Data Sheet


Antel Waterstop is a very finely powdered cementitious material that when mixed with water is a very fast setting waterproofer and will set hard even under running water. Setting time varies from 1 minute to 4 minutes depending on the ambient temperatures.


Used to stop leaks in all types of pipework and water tanks. Damming drains and culverts. Stopping water ingress into cellars and basements. Filling and sealing cracks and leaks in swimming pools and ponds. Emergency repairs to boat and ship hulls. Caulking surfaces to prevent leakages.


Packaged as a powder in a 5kg drum.
Non returnable containers.


Pale grey on application, yellowing on exposure to Ultra Violet in sunlight


5kgs of powder when mixed with the correct amount of water will produce approximately 2 litres of cement paste (0.002 M²).


Waterstop is a very fine powder which will release strong alkali when wet. This may prove irritable to certain skin types, and will cause irritation if inhaled or ingested. If in contact with eyes, flush with cold water for at least 15 minutes and seek medical attention.
Handling: Avoid contact with the eyes and skin. Use of
PVC gloves, goggles, respirator, protective overalls and
footwear is recommended.
Storage: Store in cool dry conditions in original
containers away from sunlight. Protect from freezing.
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not use in temperatures below 4°C.


7.1 Preparation.
If a permanent or semi permanent repair is required the area around the leak should be brushed with a wire brush to remove any flaking paint or organic material. Any grease/oil should be removed with detergent. Plastic surfaces should be keyed.

7.2 Mixing.
The powder should be thoroughly mixed with approximately one third by weight of water to make a very stiff paste, with the consistency of putty. Mixing needs to be carried out very quickly, in less than one minute. Some practice may be required.
7.3 application.
Mould the paste, in gloved hands, to a ball. Immediately apply to the leak and hold firmly in position without further movement. The Waterstop will set hard. Continue to hold in position for a further minute. It is possible at this stage to smooth the surfaces with wet gloves if desired.
7.4 finishing.
A knife or trowel may be used to cut away any excess material within a few minutes of setting. Once set hard the Waterstop may be painted or wrapped in fibreglass tape etc. No curing time is necessary.

7.5 Cleaning tools.
Any tools used should be washed immediately after use in water.

DO NOT move or otherwise disturb the paste once setting has started. Doing so will result in the product crumbling with no strength.

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