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Water Repellent Microshield

Water Repellent Microshield

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Water Repellent Microshield is a highly effective, alkoxysilane based water repellent treatment for all kinds of surfaces such as brick, mortar, concrete, natural stone, asbestos cement, limestone and gypsum plaster. It dries to an odourless and colourless finish and leaves a professional finish.

Technical Data

Water Repellent Microshield Technical Data Sheet


Antel Water Repellent Micro-Shield is a highly effective waterproofing liquid based on an active Alkoxysilane.
Conventional treatments have often relied on exterior proofing by applying a silicone solution usually in a flammable solvent carrier base. This technique can be expensive, hazardous and limited and should not be used on fresh ‘green’ concrete.
Also the ‘pore lining’ character of silicones can make the problem worse by channelling moisture into the lined pores, particularly from driven rain or exposed salt laden rain in coastal areas.

Micro-Shield overcomes these problems and provides a reliable, water repellent micro porous finish.
In addition, the ingress of dirt laden moisture is prevented, keeping the structure or building cleaner and dryer and therefore minimising the risk of face spalling through the action of frost.
The water barrier supplied by the repellent also aids insulation. Untreated areas that are saturated with water have a very high thermal conductivity. This not only results in general heat loss, but generates an extra cooling effect by producing vapour which surrounds the building.


Water based, non hazardous
Brushes, rollers and spray equipment rinse out with water (Note: Clean brushes etc immediately after use, do not allow to dry out, cured product is not water soluble)
Not effected by the highly alkaline content of fresh new cement and so can be used immediately concrete is cured (3-5 days)
Forms a clear, dry, invisible layer which prevents the penetration of wind driven rain or surface moisture.
Micro-porous nature of the treatment allows rapid dry out and surfaces to breath.
Alkali resistant


Antel Water Repellent Micro-shield is for use on external vertical surfaces and can be applied to all types of masonry including brick, mortar, concrete, natural stone, asbestos cement, limestone and gypsum plaster. It is completely transparent when dry and is impossible to detect unless comparison is made with non treated areas during wet weather.


Available in 5 litre, 25 litre and 200 litre containers.


Coverage rate depends entirely on the porosity and type of surface to which applied. An approximate rate is 35m² per 5 litres.
Life expectance is in the order of 10 years.


6.1 Preparation of substrate.
The surface must be dry. The surface should be brushed down to remove atmospheric dirt, efflorescence and any foreign matter. If required plain water can be used in conjunction with this brushing but detergent must not be used. Unsound surfaces including joints and cracks must be made good.

6.2 application.
The solution should be used as supplied and never diluted in any way.
Application is normally carried out using pneumatic spray apparatus but small areas can be adequately treated using a large paint brush. If a spray gun is used avoid excess pressure and consequential heavy misting. Re-apply wet on wet and saturate the substrate to ensure good penetration. Wipe off any splashes which may fall on glass etc. as these may be difficult to remove when dry.

6.3 Cleaning tools.
Spray equipment or brushes should be cleaned with warm soapy water as soon as possible after use.

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