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Salt Neutraliser

Salt Neutraliser

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Antel Salt Neutraliser is an aqueous solution and has been specifically developed to overcome the problem of salts in a wide range of substrates from new plasterwork to old stone.

Technical Data


Antel Salt Neutraliser is an aqueous solution and has been specifically developed to overcome the problem of salts in a wide range of substrates from new plasterwork to old stone.

Due to rising dampness, salts contained in ground water are absorbed into the masonry and subsequently into the plaster coat. If the rising damp has been severe the plasterwork can lose key and visual evidence of this problem can often be noted by the presence of salt deposits. In such severe circumstances the plasterwork must be removed and re-plastering carried out in accordance with Antel’s re-plastering specification or other appropriate specifications which will prevent any residual salts in the base substrate migrating into the new plasterwork.
There are, however many situations where the type of salts within the masonry are such that the plasterwork remains in good condition. In these cases Antel Salt Neutraliser can be used thus saving considerable time and expense by not having to re-plaster these areas.
There are many other occasions where even after re-plastering work, salt efflorescence can be seen on the new plasterwork. This often leads to concern that the damp proof course has failed, when in fact, in the majority of cases the efflorescence is due to other factors such as drying out, salts in construction, plumbing or rainwater leaks, condensation or salty bricks. Under these circumstances Salt Neutraliser is an ideal product to treat the problem.


Antel Salt Neutraliser is available in 5 litre containers.


1litre concentrate treats 5 to 10m².


4.1 Preparation
Surfaces must be free from all dust and friable material. Failure to remove the excess cement will result in neutralising the acid before it has made contact with the laitance. Brush away or remove all loose salts. Thoroughly soak the affected area with clean tap water.

4.2 Dilution.
Dilute the supplied material with an equal amount of fresh clean water.

Apply the diluted liquid to the area to be treated and leave for not more than 10 minutes. Wash the area with a large volume of water and leave to dry, or if preferred use heaters to accelerate the drying process. Open all windows and doors to avoid excessive humidity during drying.

4.3 Application.
Apply salt Neutraliser by brush, roller or coarse spray to areas showing salts contamination.
Under most circumstances one coat or application will be adequate.
a) Where heavy salting on old brickwork is being treated use Salt Neutraliser as the concentrate (container strength).
b) On new plasterwork or light salting use Salt Neutraliser diluted with water up to 50/50 dilution rate.

Some frothing may occur which is due to the reaction with the salts. Allow some time for the neutralising action to be completed. A white deposit may be left on the surface where original efflorescing has taken place and is sometimes difficult to remove.

If re-decorating is to be applied on the treated surface the area should be washed with water and allowed to dry. Do not redecorate at any time until the treated areas are thoroughly dry.


Tools and equipment should be washed in clean water immediately after use.


Wear protective clothing at all times during use. Eye goggles, mask PVC overalls and gloves. If in contact with the eyes and the skin rinse using copious amount of water and seek medical attention.


Store in a dry, cool, and frost free place in their original containers.

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