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PU Adhesive

PU Adhesive

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Antel PU Adhesive is a high strength bonding agent as well is a moisture curing agent and can be used on a wide variety of materials.

Technical Data

PU Adhesive Technical Data Sheet


Antel P U Woodworking Adhesive is a moisture curing, one part, Polyurethane adhesive specifically designed for use in the woodworking industry. It will bond a wide variety of materials including wood, plastics and metals.


Materials to be bonded should be clean and free from dust, grease and other contaminants. Metals should be stored in a warm environment prior to bonding to avoid chilling the glue line, which leads to extended cure times.
Most pre-finished metals have backing coats which are well suited to bonding.
Some grades of Aluminium, Galvanised Steel and plastics can be difficult to bond and may require the use of a primer. A test panel should always be prepared when new materials are to be used to establish the adhesive compatibility.


500 ml and 1 litre containers.
Adhesive is Brown in colour


1 Litre will cover up to 12.5m²


Keep containers tightly closed in dry conditions. Avoid product temperatures above 25°C and below 5°C. Ensure adequate ventilation in the working area.
No special measures against fire or explosion required.
Flash point above 150°C.


Apply the adhesive to wood joint via squeezy bottle, brush or scraper. Position the joint and tightly clamp until the adhesive has cured. If substrates to be bonded are moisture free, i.e. metals, plastics, a light moisture over mist may be required to obtain full cure. Whilst curing the adhesive may foam. When fully cured, the foam can easily be sanded.


Can be used to bond oily woods e.g. teak, oak. It is recommended that any surface oils are removed before bonding.
Bonds wood treated with caustic soda.
Will take most stains and varnishes.
Good gap filling properties.
Waterproof bond achieved when fully cured.
Solvent free.
Apply to one surface only
Handle-able in one hour
24 hours full cure
Flexible bond
Chemical and heat resistant


3 months

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