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Fungicide & Insecticide

Fungicide & Insecticide

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A super concentrated insecticide & fungicide combination to eradicate and prevent attack by wood boring beetles and prevent wood destroying & discolouring fungi.

A super concentrated insecticide and fungicide combination.  A small 400gm container makes up 25 Litres.  The special micro-emulsion formulation leads to a better penetration than obtained with the older traditional water based emulsified preservatives.It will provide the necessary control & long term protection of wood against wood boring insects & wood destroying fungi (wet and dry rot) for many years.

• Super concentrate (400gms makes 25 litres)
• Good penetration
• 1 hour re-entry
• Fully solvent free technology
• No VOC’s
• Significant reduction in plastic & paper waste
• Virtually no odour
• Non-flammable

For use on internal & external timbers, fencing & cladding out of ground & surface water contact as a wood preservative against wood boring insects & wood destroying fungi (Dry Rot & Wet Rots).

Application Instructions

Dilute the 400gm container with 25 litres of water. The diluted product can be applied by brush or spray at the rate of 1 litre of product per 3-4m2 of timber surface to refusal. Alternatively, timber may be dipped for a maximum of 3 minutes. Timber to be treated should be reasonably dry before treatment. Any paint varnish or other surface coating should be removed. Any bark should be removed to increase penetration of the treatment.


1 litre of diluted product per 3-4m2.


Propiconazole - 18.584% w/w
Permethrin - 13.02% w/w


400gm in plastic container


• Keep in a safe place
• Keep out of reach of children
• Keep away from food, drink & animal feeding stuffs
• Should be kept in a cool dry place
• Shelf Life; Concentrate – up to 4 years, Diluted product – up to 6 months
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