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Epoxy Patching Mortar

Epoxy Patching Mortar

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Antel Epoxy Patching Mortar is a two part epoxy mortar which provides quick and durable repairs on a wide range of substrates. It can be used on a wide range of masonry such as concrete, blockwork masonry or cement renders and is suitable for both interior and exterior use.

Technical Data

Epoxy Patching Mortar Technical Data Sheet


Antel Epoxy Patching Mortar is a two part epoxy resin material, specially developed to fill the need for a rapid setting mortar for the permanent repair of damaged concrete and similar materials, in most situations. When cured it will withstand constant saturation with water. Its rapid setting properties make it ideal for the repair of concrete floors subjected to heavy usage and their virtual immediate return to use. It is equally suitable for both interior and exterior use, provided the surface at the time of application is dry. Large areas can be filled and trowelled to a feather edge.


For the permanent patching and repair to concrete floors.
(For the repair of walls, columns, beams, stanchions, tiles and similar substrates, use Antel Epoxy Mortar VERTICAL grade.)


A two part product Pack ‘A’ and Pack ‘B’ each containing 2.5kg, making a total of 5kg of mixed material.


5kg will cover 1m² at 2 - 3mm thickness.


Store in cool dry conditions in original containers. Protect from freezing. Keep out of reach of children.
Shelf life of 12 months (unmixed) in original containers.




This product contain epoxy resin and hardeners which are
known to cause skin irritation to some people. Wear protective clothing and wash well on completion of each session of work.


8.1 preparation
Surfaces must be sound, dry and free from grease, oil and other forms of contamination. Laitance and loose or flaking paint should be removed by wire brushing and swept clean. Cleaning is imperative and the best method is achieved by the use of Antel Concrete Cleaner.

8.2 mixing
Take equal quantities from Pack ‘A’ and Pack ‘B’ and mix together thoroughly on a slow speed until a uniform grey colour is achieved. Mixing is undertaken on a spotboard or any clean surface, or alternatively in a polythene bucket. Do not mix more material than can be used in approximately 15 minutes, dependent upon the temperature and the work to be undertaken.

8.3 application
Immediately after mixing, the material should be pressed firmly onto the prepared surface, well compacted and finished with a trowel. Large areas can be filled and trowelled to a feather edge. When applying to exceptionally porous surfaces, Antel Epoxy Sealer and Adhesive should be used first as a primer. A smooth finish is best achieved by wetting a trowel with Antel Cleaning Solvent.

8.4 curing
A hard cure is achieved in 2 - 3 hours at 15°C and a final cure in about three days. The higher the temperature, the shorter the curing time and vice versa. These times are based on 1kg of mixed material, larger quantities result in faster curing times.

8.5 cleaning tools
Immediately after use, tools should be cleaned using Antel Cleaning Solvent.

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