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Spray Adhesive

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Antel Spray Adhesive is an easy to use, high strength aerosol. Save time and money, simply spray the adhesive onto your chosen surface and leave to dry.


Spray Adhesive Technical Data Sheet

1. Description

Antel aerosol contact adhesives have simply proven to be a better way to spray. These convenient Aerosol canister systems allow users to save time and money, meet regulatory standards, and feel secure in a job well done.


High temperature/High Strength – Excellent choice for laminates, woodworking, hpl – High pressure laminates, headliners, Marine, RV, Manufactured Housing, veneers, plastics, metals, material etc.

3. Product Features

Portable, for shop work or job sites.

Fast track time: 30 secs to 2 minutes.
Extended open time: Up to 24 hours (compared to minutes for competitive products).

Cost effective spray adhesives save time and materials.
Temperature resistant to over 200’c waterproof, contact adhesives.

High solids, high coverage rates: 110sqst per lb Coverage.
Methylene chloride solvent

No VOC’s
No ODS – Ozone depleting substances.

Affordable equipment – replaces expensive difficult to use pressure pumps and pots.
No-hassle disposable/recyclable steel canisters.

4. Packaging


5. Guides For Application

Attach hose and spray gun, then fully open valve on canister. Hold spray gun tip 6 to 10 inches from surface to be covered, always at a 90’ angle to surface, Apply even coats. Do not allow it to concentrate or puddle in one area.
For best performance, use this product at room temperature. For storage, lock spray gun in close position and leave hose attached to canister. DO NOT disconnect hose until valve is completely closed and it is ready to be attached to another canister.
For permanent bonds, apply adhesives to both surfaces, allow to dry from 30 seconds – 2 minutes, and bond together with firm pressure after application.
Always test adhesive on new materials to be bonded to ensure proper bonding.