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Epoxy Grout Thixotropic

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Epoxy Grout Thixotropic is a high performance, cement-based grout suitable for injection with a hand applicator. The low liquid to powder ratio ensures a thixotropic grout which develops its compressive strength rapidly. It is designed to fill all the voids into which it is injected and the bond stress is greatly enhanced by its expansive properties.


Epoxy Grout Thixotropic Technical Data Sheet


Antel Epoxy Grout Thixotropic is a thixotropic two part epoxy resin system. The Grout may be applied using a bulk fill gun or skeleton gun and silicone cartridge or may be applied using a suitable hand tool. Grouting of gap dimensions 0.1mm to 10mm may be achieved without the use of grout tight shuttering. The two part system gives rapid strength gain obtaining mechanical properties superior to concrete. The product is non- shrink enabling complete fill of the grouting area. The hardened grout is resistant to most chemicals, stable in sea water, petroleum products and resists freeze thaw cycles. Antel Epoxy Grout Thixotropic is ideally suited for vertical and overhead priming and for bonding concrete, brick, stone and timber together. Ideal when required to resist high levels of vibration e.g. crane rails, stamping machinery, rail fixings and anchors e.g. bedding metal fixing plates, anchor bolts, under stanchion plates and machinery and structural fixing flanges. Final compressive strength 80N/mm2


1. Gap filling adhesive
2. Timber bonding
3. Concrete, brick and stone bonding
4. Patch repair
5. Priming in vertical and overhead areas
6. Bedding metal fixing plates, anchor bolts, under stanchion plates, void filling.


500ml and 1 litre.


4.1 Preparation:
All surfaces should be clean and free from all loose material. Free water should be removed from the surface but the surface does not need to be dry. Ensure that grouting surfaces are free from dust and oily contamination. Small gaps may be blown out using clean dry compressed air. Steel should be free of rust and flaking mill scale.

4.2 Mixing:
Mix the entire contents of pack ‘B’ with pack ‘A’ stirring for three minutes until uniform.

4.3 Application:
For bonding of concrete, apply Antel Thixotropic Grout to the surfaces and bring the surfaces together under slight pressure.
For cracks or holes etc. the mixed material can be placed in an Antel Cartridge complete and loaded into an ordinary silicone gun from which it can be dispensed.

The use of a shutter is recommended for Supporting Structures, although the shutter need not be completely grout tight. The Epoxy Thixotropic Injection Grout will "stay" once the application pressure is released. The shutter may be constructed from timber and sealed using Rapid Mortar or a suitable silicone sealant. Apply a silicone based release agent to the formwork surfaces which will affect release after the grout has hardened. Alternatively use thick polyethylene sheet.

4.4 Cure schedule:
Pot life @ 20°C 30 minutes
Initial cure @ 20°C 24 hours
Full cure @ 25°C 4-7 days dependent on temperature.


Compressive strength: 120 N/mm²
Tensile strength: 7 days/20°C - 12N/mm²
Tensile bond-steel: 7 days/20°C - 10N/mm²
Flexural Strength: 7 days/20°C - 54N/mm²


12 months in original containers.


All tools etc should be cleaned with Antel Cleaning Solvent immediately after use.