• £ 195.02
    The applications for Antel PoolCoat System 10 are extensive and it can be used virtually anywhere, including concrete, marble or masonry requires protection or waterproofing. Provides a long lasting, great looking surface.One Pack of Poolcoating System 10 contains:- 2 x 5L Pigmented A & B Packs- 1 x 3L Clear A & B Packs Pool Calculator Please...
  • £ 19.85
    Antel A1 Pond Paint is an easy to use (fish friendly) water based pond sealant which can be applied to practically any surface. Our high quality, quick drying system will help to protect and prolong the life of your pond, giving it a clean and professional look. It is also resistant to many chemicals, oils and is non toxic. Pond Calculator Please click...
  • £ 20.86
    Antel Water Based Epoxy Coating is a universal water based epoxy resin coating designed for easy and safe application. Water Based Epoxy Coating possesses most of the properties of conventional epoxy resins with many additional advantages, particularly its tolerance of damp application conditions.Anti-Slip FlooringNon-Slip Aggregate can be added between...
  • £ 25.16
    Antel Epoxy Solvent Free Coating provides a high quality coating which can be used to new and old concrete flooring. Provides a professional finish which is resistant to wear, abrasion and chemicals.Anti-Slip FlooringNon-Slip Aggregate can be added between coats to create an anti-slip surface.  Approx 5kg of aggregate is usually required per 30 squared...
  • £ 35.53
    Antel Epoxy Self Smoothing Floor Screed is a three part epoxy resin based material.  It has been developed typically for areas where optimum chemical resistance combined with decorative effect is required.  By using the most up to date in solvent free technology, Antel's Epoxy Self Smoothing Screed will produce an easily cleaned, non-toxic, chemically...
  • £ 39.78
    Antel Epoxy Putty is a two part epoxy resin material with excellent adhesion to most building materials - wet or dry - even under water. It has very good chemical resistance coupled with excellent bond strength. Although outwardly rigid Epoxy Putty will accommodate approximately 5% tension and flexure.
  • £ 48.86
    Antel Tanking Slurry is designed to protect against water penetration on many various surfaces. Antel Tanking Slurry can be applied directly to concrete, blockwork masonry or cement renders and on other areas where protective waterproofing is needed. Antel Tanking Slurry can be applied to surfaces of any age, as long as the surface is structurally sound. 
  • £ 27.68
    Antel Epoxy ClearCoat Resin is a clear, high gloss, two part epoxy coating with a high level of resistance to UV, substantially reducing the amount of yellowing that occurs when compared with other epoxy products. Epoxy ClearCoat Resin is very hardwearing, resistant to chemicals and compatible with most solvent free paint types.

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