Epoxy Self-Smoothing Floor Screed


Epoxy Self Smoothing Floor Screed leaves an easily cleaned, non toxic, chemically spill resistant floor with good colour and colour retention. Provides excellent strength and adhesion to ensure a long lasting, high quality surface.

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Antel Epoxy Primer is required in the application of this product. We also recommend Antel Epoxy Cleaning Solvent to clean any tools used during application.

Epoxy Self Smoothing Floor Screed / Self Levelling Compound


Antel Epoxy Self Smoothing Flooring Screed has been developed typically for areas where optimum chemical resistance combined with decorative effect is required. By using the most up to date in solvent free technology Antel self smoothing system will produce an easily cleaned, non toxic, chemically spill resistant floor with good colour and colour retention.

Important: The 2mm version is designed for surfaces with imperfections, while the 3-5mm version is a heavy build screed designed for rougher floors.


Commonly used in; laboratories, hospitals, chemical factories, dog kennels and garages to produce a decorative performance self levelling floor system.


Three pack system consisting of “A” “B” and “C”, aggregate, resin and hardener. It can be supplied in 10 kg. and 25 kg. packs.


Typically grey, although specific colours can be produced upon special request.
Note: When ordering quantities over 5, your order will be custom made for you, therefore we won't be able to accept returns because of a change of mind.


25kg of the 2mm version will cover approximately 8-10m², while 25kg of the 3-5mm version will cover approximately 3.5-5 m².


12 months in sealed containers.


7.1 Preparation:
Surfaces must be dry and free from all foreign matter such as dust, grease and dirt etc. Weak laitance and loose or flaking material must be removed by ‘grit’ blasting or at the very least wire brushing. Best results can be obtained by the use of the appropriate Antel cleaner.
Due to the porosity of substrates having an effect on the structure of self levelling systems, it is important to apply a primer to the substrate in order to seal it. Antels Self Levelling Flooring Screed Primer has been especially developed for this purpose.

7.2 Mixing: Empty the entire contents of Pack “C” into Pack “B” in a suitable mixing vessel and agitate for 3 minutes. Slowly add Pack “A” (previously stirred) while mixing continuously. Finally, stir for a further 3 minutes to obtain a smooth free flowing mix.

7.3 Application: Having allowed the previously applied Antel Self-levelling Floor Primer to cure, pour the compound on to the substrate and comb out using a serrated trowel and ‘spike’ roller, which not only aids movement of the compound but aids de-aeration also. Apply at a thickness of between 3 - 5 mm depending on requirements.

7.4 Curing:
Pot life 160g mix @ 25°C = 25 minutes
Thin film set time @ 25°C = 7 hours
@ 10°C = 23 hours
Full cure schedule 2 - 7 days at ambient temperature.

7.5 Overcoating: Further protection can be obtained by using one of a selection of Antel floor paints.

7.6 Cleaning tools: Immediately after use, tools should be cleaned with Antel cleaning solvent.

After 7 day cure @ 25°C
Flexural strength, Mpa -40
Flexural Modulas, Gpa -6
*Chemical resistance (data available) -very good
Water spotting resistance -excellent
Colour stability - long term
* NOTE: Chemical resistance is specific, therefore seek advice

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